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Structured Cabling Systems Design and Installation

Powercom is dedicated to the professional design, installation and maintenance of structured cabling and all network infrastructure components
from the conceptual phase through to the cutover phase. To provide I.T. managers with alternative ways to reach their goals, our designs encompass the full range of data and communications media.

We specialize in the installation of the following types of cabling: Cat 5e, Cat 6. Cat6e, Cat7, Fiber Optics. By offering this broad array of options, it lets the IT manager select the cabling infrastructure that best meets the technical requirements as well as delivering economies of scale. Whether your need calls for copper, fiber or wireless, Powercom can accommodate you.

Network and Systems Troobleshooting


​The greatest impact of network and systemerrors is in decreased performance andefficiency. A network or system not running at topefficiency has a direct negative financial impacton the business. Using various tools and techniques, Powercom can analyze a Network or Computer System to identify underlying problems affecting performance and or reliability.


Based on information collected. Powercom can then offer specific recommendations andsolutions for those problems.

Electronic Security Systems Design and Installation


The topic of corporate security has become an important one for all business today. Corporate America is concerned about safety of their people, data, theft, intrusion, fire, terrorism just to name a few of the security issues on everyone’s mind. Powercom's security professionals can:

- Help protect your people as well as your corporate assets such as inventory, tools & equipment.
- Help to minimize your liability and your insurance costs.
- Help to instill "peace of mind" within corporate management.

As you know the wiring infrastructure of building are converging to become fully integrated networks that encompass video surveillance, controlled access, digital video in addition to the network and computer infrastructure of back office business systems. All of these new technologies can be designed, installed and serviced by the Powercom team of professionals.

Audio Visual Systems Design and Installation

When it comes to Audio Visual Systems, including sound, video, lighting, display and projection systems, Powercom will help you and your business to be more productive with the best applications for:


- Collaborative conferencing (which includes video-conferencing, audio-conferencing, web-conferencing and data-conferencing);

- Presentation rooms, auditoriums, and lecture halls; command and control centers;

- Digital-signage;

- Sound Masking.