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DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) ARCS (Auxiliary Radio Communication System) turnkey solutions.

​Since the adoption of the 2014 New York City Building Code, any building that is under construction, major renovation, and is over 75' tall must have certified radio coverage.

An ARC System is a wireless two-way building communication system for Fire Department use only, that receives and transmits Fire Department portable radio frequencies within the building.

An ARC system typically consists of a base station connected to a building-wide antenna system, with a radio console in the building lobby. Portable radios carried by Fire Department firefighters are limited in terms of the distance that they can transmit within a building, and the and obstacles created by the building’s architecture/construction. ARC Systems allow on-scene communications throughout the building.

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) are customized for each application, including and not limited to ARCS, and Cellular Telecommunications. It allows signals from the cellular carriers to reach all the dead zones areas or areas where cellular signal wouldn't normally be able to reach.

Whether is for the general public use, or for  the emergency services, Airports, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, and buildings with considerable size, there is always the need of extending bi-directional radio signals to all the ​indoor areas.

Powercom offers turnkey design build solutions, testing and maintenance services for DAS and ARCS.

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