What we do:

Powercom is a Low Voltage Integrator based in New Rochelle (New York), and is dedicated to the professional design, installation and maintenance of Structured Cabling and Wireless Networks, Electronic Security and Audio-Video Systems. We guarantee the highest quality standards to our customers from the conceptual phase, to the cut-over.

Our Main Services

Structured Cabling Telecommunication Networks

We specialize in the installation of the following types of cabling: Cat 5e, Cat 6. Cat6e, Cat7, Fiber Optics. By offering this broad array of options, it lets the IT manager select the cabling infrastructure that best meets the technical requirements as well as delivering economies of scale.

Wireless Telecommunication Networks

We provide wireless networks solutions for the most demanding projects, from the small business space, to the big buildings coverage needs.


We will help you with the design and installation of all your wireless networks needs.


Electronic Security Systems

Powercom can help you with your Access Control and Video Surveillance systems needs, assisting you with the design and or installation of your security system.


We will assist and advise the best and more cost efective solutions for your needs.

Audio-Video Systems

From a small office ambient music system, to a full paging system for a hospital, Powercom provides the design, and installation for Audio-Video systems, that will meet your technological needs and budget.


We can also assist with the design and installation of Sound Masking systems.


These are some of the manufacturers that we partnered with, to bring our customers the best solutions for their technology needs


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